Airspace strives to bring forth the most trusted delivery network that the world has ever known. Due to the fact that nearly all of our shipments require vehicular transportation, Airspace utilizes a network of drivers to assist in successfully delivering time-critical goods. As a result, we recognize the impact that our driver mileage has on the environment and actively look for ways to offset the environmental effect.


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Partnering with Cool Effect

Airspace continues to innovate and that includes looking for new ways we can contribute to sustainability. Partnering with Cool Effect is one way we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint. We welcome you to further explore Cool Effect and the positive work they are doing to offset carbon emissions.

Cup of the Amazon

Airspace’s donations to Cool Effect support the Cup of the Amazon project. This project prides itself on protecting the Peruvian Amazon by preventing deforestation and implementing sustainable jobs for the local community.


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