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An AOG Can Cost up to $150,000/hr

Airspace's expertise and knowledge of current logistical operations within the airline industry has established them as the leader in the supply chain... Their advanced capabilities, in the field of cargo tracking, allow them to understand the nuances of today’s movement control, maintain 100% visibility and oversee the most complex shipments. Airspace is our go to courier provider for movement operations.
Removing Human Error

The platform removes human error by verifying the correct package is in transit through on-asset tracking, route options, and automating air waybills.

On-Asset Tracking
Proprietary on-asset tracking tools verify that the package is always where it is supposed to be.  Through the platform, all stakeholders can be notified of any delays or major milestone changes.
Automatic Quoting
When placing an order online, real-time quotes are provided based on optimal routing and digital tarrifs.

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