21st Century Technology For Next Flight Out

authorIcon By Denny

Next flight out and same day deliveries can be stressful. Some industries, such as life sciences, aerospace and high tech, tend to use these services more often.

This is due to the nature of their business. There is a shelf life of what is being shipped or a deadline which if not met will cost a lot of money and inconvenience many. Then there are those who need to use it because something failed and overnight services won’t meet the delivery deadline required or they need to ship after hours, on a weekend or holiday. So why not make the process easier on you or your employees?

Many of you are already familiar with the process of scheduling a pickup of a time critical shipment. Years ago the express overnight carriers got smart and automated scheduling a pick-up by allowing clients to schedule online.

This saved them money and allowed the customer service agents to help clients who had service issues. It took the time critical shipping industry a long time to catch up on that technology. When it was offered clients were thrilled and moved to the logistics provider who offered this advantage.

Some companies are moving the next flight out delivery industry into the 21st century with their technology. How have they done this?

They changed the way the drivers are dispatched by having their drivers download an app. For example, Airspace Technologies screens drivers, per TSA requirements then the drivers register their vehicle type, if they are certified for hazardous material, etc. and when they are available to drive. When a job comes in, they have 60 seconds to respond whether the driver wants to accept this delivery.

Why does an app make a difference? The old way a customer calls in or orders on line, then the order goes to dispatch, they then contact dispatch of their service agent, the agent then starts to call around to find the closest driver. This process can take up to 45 minutes.

This can make you miss earlier flights or miss a deadline when driving. Using an app cuts down the dispatch time allowing the driver to get to their destination faster, making your clients or employees happier.



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