3 Common Practices to Avoid When Planning Time-Critical Shipments

When you are shipping a package that has to be delivered in a specific amount of time, the proper steps taken for its delivery are crucial. Errors made on your part or choosing services that actually delay the shipment should be prevented at all costs.

Knowing exactly what to do and how to use the modern services and technologies that are available will ensure that your package will arrive to its destination on time. It will also reduce the ordeal of any amounts of stress and headaches that you could potentially encounter. With that being said, here are 3 common practices to avoid when planning time-critical shipments.

Changing shipping address after goods have been dispatched

This is pretty much self-explanatory. You should never want to change the address of where your package is being delivered once the package has already been dispatched. In time-critical situations, the pre-shipping details have to be exact.

Delivering the package on time to its intended destination is the absolute priority for the shipping service that you choose. Changing the shipping address of the destination after the goods have been dispatched will only add to potential delays in arrival. You must ensure that you have all of the details and that you provide the correct shipping address before your package is shipped. Yes, this is self-explanatory. However, it is a common practice that must be avoided.

Using multiple freight forwarder options

Choosing to use multiple freight forwarder options can be a nightmare. The standard practice for shipping that relies on freight forwarders goes like this: Customers call a freight forwarder service. Their office will call a company to potentially make that delivery. Then, they will attempt to contact a driver. These steps have to be taken and maintained with each and every freight forwarder service that will be involved in the shipping process. This is a highly non-automated fashion.

Using a shipping service that utilizes an automated system of deliveries will be more efficient. The process should be more streamlined and should not engage additional an unnecessary parties. Airspace Technologies has stepped away from the competition and created a completely automated system. When a customer places an order, that order is placed right into their system. The information is sent directly to the Airspace Technologies Operations team.

Using no tracking software to monitor your shipments

The ability to track and to monitor your shipments during the shipping process ensures that the delivery is on its way. You will also have the peace of mind in knowing that your packages are en route to their intended destination. Throughout the process, Airspace sends real time updates to their system. Customers are always able to track the full destination of their shipments.

By not using tracking software, you are placing yourself in a state of “delivery limbo”. You actually have no idea as to where your shipments are at any given time. In using the latest software to track your time-critical shipments, you will positively affect your choice in getting your deliveries to their destination on time.

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