3 Important Lessons COVID-19 Taught Time-Critical Logistics Providers

Over a year ago, the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a halt. The disruption put a lot of strain and uncertainty on the time-critical logistics industry. With grounded flights, businesses operating remotely, and the human toll, we entered a world we had never experienced before. However, the importance of time-critical shipments remained and it forced logistics providers to adapt in order to continue providing reliable service. Industries such as healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing still required same-day deliveries for critical circumstances such as emergency surgery or a missing or damaged airplane part. Here, we outline what you should expect from time-critical logistics providers along with the lessons learned while operating during a pandemic.

1. Provide an Adaptable and Stable Solution

Consistency is key when it comes to handling time-critical shipments. Customers rely on their logistics providers to deliver top-notch performance every time they submit an order. The technology behind the Airspace platform was designed to adapt to delays such as canceled flights and road closures, which became more prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our patented technology pinpoints the optimal route among millions of flight options in a matter of seconds. The Airspace platform utilizes GPS tracking and real-time notifications which notifies customers every time their package changes hands and in the event of an error or delay. Machine learning allows our platform to become more accurate the more data it collects. Airspace also enlists the help of highly qualified and experienced drivers who are responsible for accepting an order, picking up a time-sensitive package, and delivering it to its destination safely and on time. As the only company in the time-critical logistics industry with patented technology, Airspace is able to be flexible when routing a delivery with options to reroute flights and drivers as needed when faced with common delays. It is crucial for a logistics company to be adaptable in the event of a major global shutdown. 

2. Go Beyond Typical Support with Transparency and Communication

It is so important for time-critical logistics providers to deliver the best service to customers and stay on top of every order, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. The health sector, for example, is faced with emergency cases every single day and the number of cases has only increased since the start of the pandemic. The healthcare industry heavily relies on time-critical shipments for ventilators, COVID-19 tests and vaccines, and specimens sent to labs, so it’s imperative that these shipments are delivered on time and handled properly. By automating the logistics process, healthcare facilities can manage the increased workload from a cloud-based platform for time-critical shipments and reach Airspace’s operations team 24/7 for status updates and more.

To ensure our team was able to support the influx of shipments and calls, we completely changed our communications systems which allowed our Operations and Support teams to work remotely with ease. Still operating in their designated shifts, our team was able to provide exceptional support, reroute packages in the event of a delay, and worked tirelessly to make sure every time-critical shipment was successful. Having a reliable communication system has since helped our teams and company to operate efficiently while being remote, with virtually no downtime.

3. Deliver Peace of Mind

COVID-19 taught time-critical logistics providers to be prepared for the unexpected with an adaptable service that can pivot to fit the needs of their customers while still providing clear communication and transparency on every shipment. With the increase in orders that Airspace saw in 2020 and beyond, it was important that our mission stayed true of always putting the customer, and their shipment, first. When the team and the technology are committed to every order, customers can truly experience what ultimate peace of mind is all about. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Airspace and our commitment to customers, watch our quick video and request a demo!



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