5 Reasons You Need an Integrated GPS Tracking Solution for Your Time-Critical Shipments

We recently announced the launch of our industry-first, fully-integrated GPS tracking solution, AirTrace™. Our new tracking solution integrates directly with the Airspace platform to provide unparalleled real-time visibility into time-critical shipments. AirTrace seeks to solve the most common problem that the time-critical logistics industry currently faces: a major lack of shipment visibility once the package has been tendered to the airline.

Poor communication within the industry causes the all-too-common Failure-To-Load (FTL) issue where a critical package, such as an organ for transplant, does not make it onto its designated flight and is left on the tarmac. In instances such as these, the customer isn’t notified until it is too late and this lack of communication can lead to extremely costly delays and be the difference between life or death.

One Solution for Every Shipment

You deserve ultimate shipment visibility on your time-critical, sometimes life-saving, shipments – and now, the solution is here. We encourage you to explore the top five ways AirTrace will help ensure success on your time-sensitive shipments:

1. Fully-Integrated Solution

Traditionally, if a customer wanted full package-level visibility into their shipment, they would rely on a third-party tracking solution that is not only expensive but also not capable of course-correcting when delays occur in real-time. A fully automated FTL solution requires two key components: the original shipment plan and real-time package tracking. AirTrace brings these two elements together. With an integrated solution like AirTrace, customers can easily receive all their shipment updates in one place. No more tracking via multiple portals to monitor your shipments! 

2. Complete Visibility

AirTrace tracks a package’s exact location, temperature, humidity, shock, motion, and light exposure levels in real-time, so customers are always in the know. Do you want to track the location and temperature of your shipment in real-time? View it in the Airspace portal. Is your package receiving too much light? Contact us and we’ll notify the driver. Plus, customers will receive a detailed trip summary once the shipment has been delivered.

3. Technology

At Airspace, we pride ourselves on our industry-first patented technology which helps our customers save time and money on their time-critical shipments. Airspace’s proprietary routing engine generates the original shipment plan from start to finish, including pick-up time, time for the airline to tender the package, flight take-off, recovery from the airline, and final delivery time. With AirTrace enabled shipments, the system can track the package’s real-time location – proactively detect any critical deviations to the plan and alert our Operations team to jump into action and reroute the package as quickly as possible. 

4. Ease of Use

Enabling AirTrace is a simple process. Designed with customers in mind, we created AirTrace to be easy to use so you get ultimate shipment monitoring without the hassle. See how to activate and use AirTrace in three simple steps:

When placing an order through the Airspace platform, enter the tracker ID into the designated area
Place and secure the tracker inside the package
Send out the package and know Airspace is now monitoring your shipment in real-time
There’s no need to make things more difficult – let our tech do the work for you.

5. 24/7 Support

Airspace’s dedicated Operations team is available all day, every day. Our team works tirelessly to reroute any package that experiences errors to prevent FTLs and find the most optimal route. Round-the-clock shipment and system monitoring eliminate human error and the possibility of a misrouted or forgotten package. Have peace of mind knowing you and your time-critical shipments are backed by experienced industry professionals who are prepared to take action when it’s needed.

Never worry about FTLs or mismanaged deliveries again. Ditch the status quo of the manual, time-consuming shipment process and get ultimate, real-time shipment monitoring with AirTrace.

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