9 Ways to Transport Your Time-Critical Shipments

Time-critical shipments rely on speed, accuracy, and dependable transportation to ensure they are delivered on time and without hassle. Whether you’re shipping a critical aircraft part, medical specimens, high-tech components, or organs for transplant, having multiple ways to transport these time-critical goods is important. Some items may require special – and potentially multiple –  means of transportation. Knowing all of your options is crucial when deciding how to transport time-critical shipments. 

Why limit yourself and your company? Here, we discuss the various ways you can transport your sensitive shipments.

Get Your Shipment Moving

Each shipment has unique needs and different specifications such as weight, driver coverage, and available flights. There are multiple ways to transport your time-critical shipments that conveniently meet your requirements while getting your package to its destination safely and in a timely manner. Shipping methods include:

1. Next Flight Out (NFO)

When next-day service isn’t fast enough, get your domestic or international shipment on the Next Flight Out. NFO is a fast service that guarantees the delivery of shipments in the fastest time possible. This is a great solution for urgent, last-minute healthcare, aviation, and semiconductor shipments.


2. On-Demand Ground

Sometimes, depending on the contents of the package and distance from destination, you may prefer that your shipments be driven only. On-Demand Ground transportation is the go-to solution in this case and is perfect for shipments that weigh under 100 pounds – plus, it works for any industry.

3. Charter

Chartering a plane saves time, ensures on-time delivery, is more convenient, and is the ultimate private shipping experience. Charter services guarantee your shipment arrives on time without having multiple touchpoints – providing the highest level of care for your time-critical needs. 

4. Freight

If your shipment requires special attention due to its weight or length, freight services are perfect for shipments with special weight requirements. Freight is a shipment or package that weighs over 100lbs or measures over 90 linear inches.

5. International

Does your shipment need to be transported overseas? International logistics service providers have the experience and know how to move sensitive shipments and quickly clear customs – so you get the same speed and service whether you’re shipping from Atlanta or from Amsterdam. 

6. On-Board Courier (OBC)

Also known as “hand-carry”, on-board couriers take care of valuable small packages and documents on scheduled passenger flights. It’s one of the most secure modes of transportation – so whether it’s a crucial medical delivery or a prototype technology, use this method for fast and reliable delivery.

7. Cold Chain

Temperature-sensitive shipments, such as biopharmaceutical products and vaccines, are required to be transported between 46 and negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit. These shipments require the utmost care, consistency, and real-time visibility to ensure the integrity of your critical shipment.

8. Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are any substances or materials that are capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce. You need a logistics company that can transport these hazardous shipments with extreme care, using the best route and driver, for minimal risk. 


9. Routed Shipments

Do you have time-critical shipments ready for daily pickup? With the right logistics service provider, technology can pinpoint the most optimal driver for your deliveries and give you real-time updates so you have complete visibility into your shipments. With this service, you don’t need to worry about the details - you’ll have peace of mind knowing your shipments are in good hands.

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Your time-critical shipments are sensitive and require special attention and excellent service. There’s no need to make things difficult – you just found the logistics provider who can give you the service you need.

Airspace offers all of the above services and handles all of your time-sensitive shipments with the utmost care. With our patented technology and intuitive platform, customers get ultimate shipment visibility, optimized routing, real-time tracking, and unmatched speed – all supported by a team of industry experts. Learn more about how Airspace can help your business.



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