A Courier Lost Your Shipment: What Happened?

Courier services are an excellent way to send important packages from one location to another in a short period of time. Most often, a package is placed in the care of a courier company with the expectation that it will reach the destination on-time and in good condition. However, there are times when a package gets lost. For most companies that offer time-sensitive courier services, the loss is never deliberate, and they will do their best to locate the package and deliver it to the destination. Unfortunately, any delay or lost package may spell disaster. Imagine if a heart that needs to be transported to a donor recipient is delayed or disappears in transit?

If your package goes missing, or fails to reach its destination on-time, consider these reasons:

Your package was misplaced by the airline

For packages that need to be on the next available flight in order to reach the destination quickly, it is essential to correctly label the package.All details, such as the name of the recipient, the address of the destination, and the contents of the package, must be indicated on the parcel. However, when the information is incomplete or words are misspelled, your package may be sent to another recipient, kept at the airport until details are provided, or misplaced by the airline staff. This is an event outside the control of the courier or third party logistics provider.

The label became detached from your shipment

When your courier service fails to glue your package label on well, it may get separated from the package. This makes it tricky to trace your parcel, and in most cases, your courier service will not deliver the package and instead return it to the shipper. It may come as a surprise but label detachment is common in expedited deliveries which require quick turnaround time.

Your parcel was delayed in customs

For some countries, courier services are required to have documents to transport goods across country borders. If the documents are not available or approval is delayed, then your package that was meant for same-day shipping may be lost in storage or stuck in transit.

In time-critical shipping, such as the transport of a human heart to a donor recipient, a lost or late shipment can be life-threatening. Because of this, it is vital to have a courier service, such as Airspace, that has measures in place to handle any delivery issue or delay. Airspace is always prepared and ready to handle the most critical of shipments. For Airspace, failure is not an option.

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