Achieving Faster Delivery Times For Life Changing Shipments

Transporting medical shipments such as organs, tissues, and blood is a time sensitive process that leaves no room for error.

Based on a study by the Cardiothoracic Research Unit at Rayne Institute, St. Thomas Hospital in London, UK; 27% of hearts transported are damaged during the transportation and storage process. This means that nearly one-third of people waiting to have a life changing surgery have to wait even longer.

A heart only gives doctors and medical teams 6 hours from the time of donation to effectively transplant a heart to a new patient. With such a small window, speed and visibility are a priority in transporting organs.

Airspace Technologies has made it a reality to deliver faster while providing more transparency. When comparing delivery times for a large Organ Procurement Organization out of San Francisco, Airspace is able to deliver 22.99% faster per mile. This saved time provides doctors and medical staff more time to procure, test, package, and transplant life changing medical specimens.

Also, when transporting organs and other medical specimen, having to wait up to an hour or more for a courier to pickup a package is no longer acceptable.

When shipping packages, time critical or not, there has always been a lag when trying to get a driver to pick up a shipment. Traditionally, the shipper would have to call a logistics specialist, wait for them to route the delivery, wait for the specialist to call local service providers to confirm availability, then wait for that same specialist to quote out the order. Once the shipper receives the quote, they have to approve the order and then wait for that same specialist to dispatch the job. At this point, up to an hour of playing phone tag and sending multiple emails has occurred and the package still hasn’t been picked up.

By streamlining the order and driver dispatch process, Airspace picks packages up 23.51% faster than other traditional time critical providers.

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