Air Cargo Conference: Reflections From A Tech-Enabled Forwarder

The freight forwarding industry generates an estimated $270 billion in annual revenue. There are over 15,000 freight forwarders in the USA alone. Competition is ever present: a constant game of catch up is being played to stay competitive. Customers will chase the lowest cost, combined with the best services, or the best user interface/ability. And in the age of the consumer, service, transparency, and information has never been more critical. Two main points around the industry significantly impact a shipper’s buying process: technology and service.

At the Air Cargo Conference, earlier this month, the theme was the innovation of an industry that hasn’t changed in decades: Air Freight. You can track your local pizza delivery guy more meticulously than an aircraft part en route to a grounded 747. There’s an incredible disconnect between a shipper’s expectation and the technology available.

Today, shippers require more transparency and real-time information from legacy providers unable to support their requests; however, they also want their forwarder to handle every mode of transportation possible.

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At Airspace Technologies, we built a system designed to bridge the gap mentioned above in communication and visibility, but we also assembled a team to systematically back up the expert service our system offers. Our platform was built for a niche market because we don’t want to offer the full forwarder package. We provide companies a more efficient model of time-critical logistics because we understand that your shipments matter. A downed aircraft can cost up to $150,000 an hour and cause delays that impact people across the nation.

Forwarders are required continuously to stretch the reach of their services. They can adapt and absorb different modes of transportation into their offering to avoid their customers moving to another provider. Or, a forwarder can adopt the Airspace model: freight forwarders can continue to offer additional services, or add tools to their belt without training employees, allocating resources to negotiating agreements with airlines for small pack items, or run 24-hour operations team.

With the transparency and real-time notifications provided through our platform, every stakeholder is kept in the loop during the process automatically. Providing forwarders an incredible reduction in soft costs, overhead, and lost opportunity costs. From our Airspace Commanders to our customers, every stakeholder is enabled to make the most educated decision possible while having access to a dedicated team of experts.Whether that is repairing a grounded aircraft, completing an organ transplant, or keeping their manufacturing plant from shutting down, one thing we know stakeholders aren’t doing is chasing their tail, or someone else's.

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