Charter Options Provide Fast, Secure Delivery for all Time-Critical Shipments

Your shipments are time-sensitive and valuable. But all too frequently, flights are canceled or delayed. It’s just the unfortunate nature of the business. Additionally, airlines only operate a certain number of flights a day, meaning there are times when flights aren’t immediately available. Pair that with having to ship a parcel to a rural area and you could be looking at upwards of 12 hours in travel time. These instances would be fine if you were shipping socks, but what happens when the parcel is time-critical, such as an organ needed for a life-saving transplant?

What are chartered flights?

Charter is the on-demand use of an aircraft. Whenever an Airspace customer submits a charter flight request, there is an exclusive aircraft ready for their shipment. This means the aircraft can take off and land when and where it is needed without being dictated by outside resources. No matter the time or location, your shipment will get to the destination exactly when required without disturbances. At Airspace, we ship the most critical deliveries imaginable, so having charter as an option for our customers is vital.

How does the parcel get to the chartered aircraft?

For charter shipments, the Airspace Commanders (highly qualified and dedicated drivers) are responsible for delivering the parcel directly to the pilot and recovering the parcel from the pilot once the aircraft has landed. Charter deliveries are the only kind that allow Commanders to deliver parcels directly onto the tarmac. This provides even greater tracking and transparency for our customers. Throughout the entire process, customers are notified of their shipment’s location — and with charter there’s even greater peace of mind knowing that the Commander personally loaded the parcel onto the aircraft. Upon request, the Commander can even take photos for the client to see exactly where the delivery is secured. Beyond the Commanders, each shipment is monitored by our trained Operations team that make sure there is absolutely no failure in the process.

Why choose charter over Next Flight Out (NFO)?

A charter flight allows you to have an unscheduled and unique flight path, one that’s not available in a commercial airline’s schedule. With charter flights, you also avoid flight connections, so your shipment is always quick and direct. NFOs could have several connections before reaching the final destination. When shipping organs for transplant, time is always of the essence; there is no time allowance for connections, potential flight delays, or flight cancellations. Some of our customers’ life-saving shipments have a shelf life of as little as 6 hours. In these instances, charter is the only option.

At the end of the day, Airspace has you covered. By eliminating time constraints and delays, we provide you with the fastest possible delivery time, direct access to Airspace Commanders and Operators, and assurance that every one of your valuable shipments will arrive safely and on time. Learn more about how Airspace can support your charter needs below.

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