Airspace Expands to Support International Shipments

Airspace is excited to announce the opening of our first European office with the launch of Airspace B.V. From the headquarters, located at Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands, Airspace is expanding its team across the Netherlands, France, Germany, and the U.K. to support our ever-growing international customer network.

This new international expansion is led by Marcel Andriessen, Airspace B.V.'s managing director. Andriessen has over 20 years of experience leading time-critical logistics companies and he is already growing Airspace B.V.’s presence. Since the opening of the international office in June, Airspace B.V. has been supported by a core team and will continue to grow as our customer base expands.

Why is Airspace growing into international business?

Our international growth is in response to a high demand from global customers who want to further leverage our industry-first technology for their European operations. Many companies depend on Airspace's Platform to provide real-time, door-to-door transparency throughout the entire shipment process. This is crucial for industries such as healthcare and aerospace that depend on rapid deliveries. We realize that time-critical shipments are required everywhere, so extending our services to other countries has always been part of our strategic vision.

"The plan was always to take Airspace internationally. Once we saw how much time we were saving our customers on domestic shipments, we knew we could save even more on an international level due to the increased distance and complexity," said Nick Bulcao, Airspace's Co-Founder & CEO. “No matter the location, time-critical shipments always need to be supported.”

Our international expansion comes at a time when new regulations are set to take place at the European borders due to Brexit. Officials have cautioned residents and businesses alike to expect significant transit delays. However, Airspace’s technology allows customers to ship their time-critical deliveries without experiencing these anticipated impacts related to Brexit.

We are excited to meet the needs of our international customers and continue to see success abroad. To learn more about our international shipping options, reach out to us below!


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