Airspace Teams with Alaska Air Cargo for Urgent Shipments

We are excited to be working with Alaska Air Cargo to support our time-critical shipments. As one of the most popular U.S. West Coast air carriers, their service and responsiveness are unattainable at other large companies. Since 2016 — when the initial partnership between Alaska and Airspace began — we have completed 3,000 shipments and counting.

Airspace and Alaska Airlines: A match made in heaven

Because Airspace is shipping lifesaving medical specimen, our partners need to be exceptionally reliable, and Alaska fits that mold perfectly. Alaska’s GoldStreak service is a perfect match for the Airspace model. The Commander can arrive with a package 60 minutes before a flight departs and still make the delivery. That is imperative to our success. Being able to rely on short lead times and offload times is what makes our business in the logistics space. We knew Alaska Airlines as a dominant West Coast carrier, but as soon as Airspace started integrating with their flight schedules, it was clear that Alaska's reach was much more than that.

How will customers be supported?

At Airspace, customers are always top-of-mind. Through this partnership, Airspace customers will have end to end, top of the line visibility while supplying the optimal route every single time. Most global carriers outsource 99 percent of their ground operations, but with Alaska Air the operations team can speak directly to someone escalation desk without having to endure a phone chain, which is extremely rare in the airline business. Also, customers can track their shipment down to a 3-foot radius through the Airspace Mobile app. They even get a geofence notification when the shipment is 5 miles, 10 miles, and/or 15 miles away. Additionally, the Airspace Platform takes Alaska's flight schedules and places the shipment on the quickest and most efficient route to ensure that the parcel arrives to the correct place on time. Because the platform was created through machine-learning, Airspace can operate without human error allowing for significantly less problems.

When building out our technology, one of our focuses was having reliable industry partners to help us support our customers and we couldn't be more excited about our continued partnership with Alaska. Learn more about becoming an Airspace customer below!Become a Customer of Airspace Today



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