Airspace Technologies and IVFCryo: A Match Made in Heaven

Airspace Technologies, Inc. is honored to welcome IVFCryo into the Airspace family. The partnership between Airspace and IVFCryo will allow IVF shippers a more efficient and accurate delivery process. In the words of IVFCryo's Co-founder and President, Don Fish; "When talking about life sciences, this is a match made in heaven."

Who is IVFCryo?

IVFCryo is a premium cryogenic service business specifically created and tailored to help the fertility industry mitigate the risk of specimen loss.  Initially acting as a cryogenic consulting company to help advise clients on best practices, IVFCryo has grown and expanded it's product line to provide full service “EVERYTHING-CRYO” for the IVF industry.  These services now include Specimen Shipping, Tissue Storage, Cryogenic Facility Design, Consulting, and Cryogenic Services such as Cryo-Equipment Sales/Distribution, Repairs, and Maintenance. 

How will this partnership benefit you?

The partnership offers specific services to the IVF industry that are tailored to the complexity of IVF shipments. Each company does what they are experts in; IVFCryo handles cold chain and equipment validation while Airspace handles the courier side with predictive analysis, full visibility, and updates. By bringing the two companies together, it brings the top industry experts from both sides to benefit customers.

What does this partnership mean?


  • Airspace sources cryo-shipping tanks from IVFCryo for our current and potential new customers.
  • IVFCryo and Airspace provide a white-glove service specifically dedicated and tailored to your facility and/or network of facilities with the best customer service available in the industry.
  • Airspace provides IVFCryo real-time information throughout the entire delivery window on every device you own, such as your laptop, cell phone, and even Amazon Alexa.
  • Accurate pickup and delivery times by communicating piece transfers through a unique network of independent contractor drivers.
  • Systematic routing meaning we will provide a down to the penny quote within seconds.
  • Lastly, by utilizing Airspace, IVFCryo will have the fastest shipment times out there with parcels arriving in hours rather than days.

Benefits of Using IVFCryo Today

IVFCryo is the most experienced in the industry with over 40 years under their belt. By starting out as a consulting company in the IVF industry, they know the best practices and standards. This was extremely beneficial when they moved into everything cryogenic. When shipments are transported on the belly of a passenger aircraft, IVFCryo pays an extra medical handling fee for Lifeguard services where applicable. This means the package is treated as a life-saving shipment, not just another package. The shipment is placed on a cart and driven directly to the plane and then placed in a special area. This is a complete 180 from the normal; any non-rush shipment booked via an air waybill is put on the luggage cart and then treated as just another shipment. There are so many other benefits to utilizing IVFCryo, and Airspace is extremely excited to keep moving forward in our partnership.

The partnership between IVFCryo and Airspace is going to be amazing for all current and potential new customers of both companies. 

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