Airspace Provides On-Time Deliveries Despite Holiday Shipping Delays

The holidays are historically the busiest season for e-commerce retailers. Add on a pandemic-fueled increase of online orders, and shipping delays are inevitable. But how can you ensure a valuable shipment, such as an organ for transplant, won’t be delayed?

Having a reliable and trusted logistics service provider for your time-critical shipments during the holiday season is crucial. While most delivery networks and services are battling bottlenecks, Airspace continues to deliver shipments on-time.

The difference between Airspace and our competitors starts with our propriety technology. Need to send your shipment on an aircraft? We have the country’s entire flight schedule in the palm of our hands. Airspace knows which flights are taking off and when, plus detailed arrival information. Then, our system uses machine learning and advanced technology to effectively choose the optimal routes that Airspace Commanders (compliant drivers) can take to pick up your package and get it delivered without delay.

As a time-critical logistics service provider, Airspace knows that the industry “standard” of visibility is not sufficient, especially in a season of delays. Therefore, during the entire shipping process, our customers have end-to-end transparency and can track where their parcel is - down to a 3-foot radius. At Airspace, we believe time-critical shipments shouldn’t be a hands-off process. We provide constant communication and visibility, so there’s no need to worry; we have your back through the holidays and beyond.

At the end of the day, Airspace was created to overcome industry challenges, including holiday delays. We continue to support the needs of our customers and their valuable shipments 24/7/365. Learn more about how we can help below.


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