Airspace’s Technology is Designed to Save You Time

Imagine you’re planning a time-critical package to be delivered across the country when there are over 180 million route options available to you. Do you know how long it would take a single person to analyze and calculate each potential ETA? Luckily with Airspace, you never have to think about that! We utilize our industry-first, patented technology to take the hassle out of shipping time-critical packages and deliver unrivaled speed and visibility on every shipment including organs for transplant, medical specimens, aircraft parts, COVID-19 tests, vaccines, and more. Let’s take a deeper dive into how our technology and team help streamline time-critical shipments!

The Benefits of Using Technology

Our patented and proprietary technology allows us to simplify and expedite the shipping process with the industry’s fastest routing, quoting, and driver-dispatching times. Depending on the length of the trip, our technology-driven platform can establish a route for any given package within one to 30 seconds!

Check out the process of how machine learning quickly selects the most optimal route for your time-critical packages:

Airspace’s whole process saves customers 88 minutes as opposed to the traditional, manual process!

For packages requiring air travel, our technology enables us to find the fastest combination of flights out of 25,000 domestic flights per day. The overall process of routing, quoting, and dispatching a driver for a time-critical shipment takes just 90 seconds with Airspace’s platform compared to the industry norm of 90 minutes!

Designed With Customers in Mind 

With our customers’ success in mind, we’ve designed our platform using a different kind of approach. Our product team considers two key questions when creating new features for our customers: 

1. What problems currently exist for our customers when shipping time-critical packages?

Through extensive research and collaboration, we find problems our customers face on a day-to-day basis when shipping time-critical goods. This is the first step in creating unique and tailored solutions for customers. Serving various industries, a lot of thought and care goes into each new feature so we can make our customers’ lives easier.

2. How can we solve these problems with technology?

After discovering the problems our customers experience daily, we use our technology to craft problem-solving solutions they can rely on. Not enough visibility on a shipment? Receive real-time notifications every time your package changes hands. Want to know the ETA of a delivery? The Airspace platform gives you the expected arrival time for each shipment. Need a quote instantly? You got it. 

See for Yourself

Through our transformational technology, we can determine millions of potential service routes in a matter of seconds for fast and reliable service. Airspace’s proprietary technology is able to not only solve problems but predict them before they occur and notify customers, giving them the ability to adjust if needed – now that’s full transparency! Don’t let manual processes delay your time-critical shipments. Request a demo today to see our platform and technology in action.


Airspace Routing Infographic




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