How To Track Your Time Critical Shipments Hands Free [Video]

With real-time email and app tracking, Airspace users already know exactly where their shipment is from pickup to dropoff. By launching our voice-activated integration with Alexa, we now offer that same information hands-free.

Airspace Technologies, a technology-enabled logistics company specializing in time-critical shipments. Our integration with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices allows users the ability to track, trace and review their shipments using voice commands.

Users simply have to ask a question using natural language and Alexa-enabled devices can identify the answer, specific to each customer. Users can check shipping and delivery status, driver location and how fast can a shipment get from point A to point B, among other features.


Some of our customers simply need to be able to ask for shipment information without using their phone. From repair technicians to smart offices, a natural language interface provides data in a minimally obtrusive fashion allowing our customers stay focused on the task at hand.

-Ryan Rusnak, Co-founder & CTO at Airspace Technologies.

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