Are You Shipping Time Critical Packages?

One of the most difficult aspects in the modern supply chain is handling time critical packages. While all shipments require professional and fast handling, there are certain shipments that are required to be delivered as fast as possible: aviation parts, organs, tissues and blood, perishables.

What makes one shipment time sensitive while another is not? And how can you enhance your logistics system to handle both types of shipments? Here are some points to consider.

Perishable goods: In a globalized market you will find your business receives orders from the other side of the world. If you are dealing in perishable goods such as foods and plants, you will have to ship fast and smart. Goods such as foods or plants often come with a expiration date and require specific routing.

For example, importing food into the united states often is met with customs verifying containers and making sure no ingredients are banned substances. This can be a lengthy process where the metal container could sit for a couple days.

Now, having that metal container sit in breezy California shouldn’t impact the quality of food, but have it sit in hot, summer Arizona and your food will be melted. On top of this, if the perishable only has a shelf life of 3 weeks, and it takes 1 week just to import it, you’ve already lost 1/3rd of that product's value. This is where time critical shipping comes in handy.

Organ and blood shipments: Body organs require fast and careful shipping. A heart only remains viable for 4-5 hours after procurement. That means, from the moment the heart is procured to the moment that heart is transplanted, there isn’t a second to waste.

Shipping critical shipments such as Organs, blood and tissues require a more specialized delivery process than just picking up and dropping off. These are heavily regulated and controlled and the logistics process needs to reflect the same level of control. Technology has greatly improved allowing hospitals, doctors or other technicians have transparency to where the package is at, use sensors to gauge temperature or even calculate vibrations of the package.

To facilitate proper handling of time sensitive shipments it is important to have in place a system that facilitates real-time monitoring. This minimizes risks in transporting time critical goods, but also notifies you faster allowing you to be proactive during delays or issues instead of acting reactively.

It is important to work with a reputable tech-enabled, time critical logistics provider to put in place a seamless supply and shipping environment. With the right application it is easier to deliver time sensitive packages safely and reliably.

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