How Logistics Benefits from IoT

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The Logistics industry is one of the world’s most important sectors as it keeps the world moving on all fronts. With advancements in technology, there are numerous changes in this industry. The Internet of Things, or IoT, has revolutionized the shipping industry, enhancing accessibility to various cloud based management services and changing the way shipping is conducted. This article looks into the various ways in which the shipping industry benefits from IoT.

What is Next Flight Out?

Next Flight Out, also referred to as NFO, is a fast service that guarantees the delivery of shipments in the fastest possible time. Next flight out services comes at a premium and are not services that many businesses would opt for regularly. Nonetheless, in very urgent circumstances where last minute shipments are required, this might be the best alternative to deliver packages that are time sensitive.

21st Century Technology For Next Flight Out

authorIcon By Denny

Next flight out and same day deliveries can be stressful. Some industries, such as life sciences, aerospace and high tech, tend to use these services more often.

The Dangers of AOGs to the Aerospace Industry

Have you ever wondered what happens when an aircraft carrying passengers or supplies is grounded due to mechanical issues?

What It Means to Ship Time Critical Shipments

If you need to move goods quickly or within a very specific time frame, time-critical shipping services are the best solution. Time-critical shipping services are guaranteed, urgent services and come with different unique options. This makes them ideal for the kind of shipments that require special handling and care. Time critical or expedited services provide the kind of solutions that you require to solve time-sensitive challenges.

You Can Track Your Uber, Why Can’t You Track Your Shipment?

Shipping companies have been offering transportation services to suppliers for many years with a number of them building relationships based on trust. However, as technology began to advance, many shipping companies made it easier for them to access information about their package in transit through the use of next flight out software. The software may vary from one company to another. One main difference is the ability to track packages from their origin to the destination.


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