Bridging the Gap Between Your On-Demand Needs And Automation

On-demand shipping has taken over the freight industry leading to more companies pairing up with drivers to deliver their cargo quickly. As the industry grows, some shipping companies are taking the less traveled path of using independent contractors in servicing next flight out shipments to their customers when needed. In most cases, they have to use an online system to check on their availability and track them when transporting cargo from one location to another.

How to Automate Your Driving Experience

Trucks have always been the leading resource for transporting goods from one location to another. It is common to find established companies owning up to fifty trucks that they use to transport their own goods and at times hiring them out for use to other businesses. However, smaller companies often rely on hiring a truck and driver to transport their packages on-demand or over an extended time period. The advancement in technology has seen many truck drivers seek courier jobs from independent companies that offer contractual opportunities on a regular basis.

If You Could Integrate Your System with Your Shipper, Would You?

There are millions of eCommerce businesses in operation, which makes it safe to say that competition can be fierce and unforgiving. Most online shoppers look for great offers, bargains and value when they visit a store. Of course, online sales are usually dictated by a lot more than that as most shoppers worry about shipping and logistics until their products get to them. The cost of shipping can easily be a factor in their decision.

Why NFO is Ripe on IOT

With the increased number of Internet users and mobile accessibility, the Internet has become a very useful resource to businesses. This has transformed the way business carry out their activities. The airline industry is no exception. Airlines make adequate use of the internet to enhance bookings, delivery, and communication with their customers. However, according to a survey conducted in 2015 by SITAs airlines, only 37% of airlines have embraced the IoT trend. This is a clear indication that the industry is not adequately making use of technology.

When You Know You Need to Find a New Courier

Getting your goods transported from one destination to another is a common activity for many companies that have clients abroad. In most cases, they will engage the services of a courier to ensure that the items sent to clients or business colleagues are delivered on time and in good condition. Even so, there are times when your regular courier may begin to offer substandard service, resulting in the need to find a new one. Fortunately, there are a number of courier services available both online and in physical locations that you can check out and decide on the best one.

5 Ways Technology Will Improve Your Logistical Experience

Shippers and service providers that employ technological advances can greatly enhance their logistical experience. Supply chains deal with complicated situations and disruptions are increasing. As a result, more companies consider implementing systems that will help them mitigate risks, particularly for time critical shipments. This helps create more effective operations and manage costs. Companies that understand the benefits of technology and how it can assist their logistical experiences should consider embracing adaptive technology. Here are five ways in which technology will enhance your company’s logistical experience.


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