Jayne Schiffres

How To Prepare For Shipping Delays

When looking back and thinking about the many years I have spent in logistics, one thing always stays constant: delays happen. Everyone in the industry knows that delays are inevitable, but how we react to those delays are crucial especially when mission-critical shipments are involved. While the cost of delays can typically be calculated through a monetary value, what about the shipments that are impacting lives or causing nationwide delays?

How To Increase Your Supply Chain Visibility

Adding technology to the supply chain has been a struggle for most companies over the years. While technology adoption is happening, only 6% of the worldwide supply chain surveyed in 2017 state “they have end-to-end visibility regarding their supply chain.”

How Geofencing Will Impact the Supply Chain

Have you ever received a marketing email or push notification as you walk or drive by a business? Many retailers use these notifications to send their app users information or new deals when they enter a predetermined area. These marketing tactics receive some of the highest rates of return regarding customer engagement by providing timely information; thus, enabling them to respond or buy a product instantaneously. Think about it, how many times have you gone to Amazon, saw some ads, and placed the different items into your cart only to realize a day later you didn’t need them? As we all know, our expectation for immediate gratification is increasing our ability to receive information faster.

The Blood, Sweat, and Tears of Healthcare Logistics

Globally, we see a shift in our lifespan: millennials are expected to live longer than before. Some studies suggest that they will reach 100 or 110 years old. Many factors contribute to this longevity. Scientists and researchers are performing highly advanced technologic research and genomic testing to determine what factors are impacting the human life expectancy. These advancements in science and medicine have doubled our life expectancy in the past century.


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