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Logistics Companies on the Frontlines

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world and has managed to successfully revolutionize the direct-to-consumer shipping process. During the COVID-19 crisis, Amazon and other logistics companies are doing a lot to support those on the frontline and supply individuals with essentials. As Amazon focuses on delivering e-commerce and essential materials, Airspace is also supporting crucial businesses through mission-critical shipments.

Lost Shipment? We Can Help

What really happens if your shipment is lost at the airport

At Airlines, there is no black hole. Unlike the socks that may be hiding behind your dryer, shipments turn up, often quicker than you would expect – especially if you have a team like Airspace Technologies doing the looking.

How Do You Define A Successful Business?

A successful business is one that knows when to reinvent itself. A few months ago, I was fortunate to attend the 3PL Summit in Atlanta GA. As I have mentioned in a previous article, the conference was focused around two main points: disruption and a 2-year cycle.

What To Expect From The 3PL Summit

Typically, when I am attending an event, I spend weeks leading up to it pursuing the agenda to generalize how the atmosphere will feel. Later this week, I will be attending the 3PL Summit in Atlanta. When looking at the keynotes, topics, and keywords associated with the exhibitors, four words come up repeatedly: distribution, transformation, expectation, and digitalization.

How To Optimize 3PL Staffing Efficiencies

Sean works at XYZ Logistics as a business development representative. His role is to service a significant account for XYZ. Sean spends most of his working day focusing on this account. However, every time they have a time-definite request, the rest of Sean's day is spent tracking down service providers and relaying updates from one party to another hoping that everyone is telling the truth. This process leaves him with little or no time to improve his relationship with the customer or other accounts; thus, pigeonholing his progress at XYZ Logistics.

Reflections from AviationWeek's MRO Americas 2018

I was recently at AviationWeek's MRO Americas trade show in Orlando FL. I had the opportunity to speak with people from different areas of the supply chain regarding aviation logistics. We were exhibiting our service for the first time, and, to be blunt, it took a moment for us to gain traction with the attendees. There was a pivotal point where we decided to take our laptops around the massive exhibit hall to meet with customers and prospects in person.

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