Kaylin-Noel Diaz

Airspace Is at the Forefront of Innovation in Time-critical Shipping

More and more, artificial intelligence is ingrained in our everyday lives. From facial recognition on our smartphones to fraud-detection systems used by banks; these systems rely on data to perform tasks faster and more efficiently than humans. So when it comes to time-critical logistics, you would think that AI is commonplace, right? Time-critical logistics needs to move shipments faster, more accurately, and efficiently than any other type of logistics. Artificial intelligence is a proven technology that accomplishes this feat. Yet, most logistics companies have not applied these modern tools to daily operations. They are still confined by the technological limitations of yesteryear.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Airspace Experience

Time-critical shipping is different from shipping any other way. The growing demand for faster and more transparent time-critical shipping cannot be met with outdated, traditional methods. With Airspace, you won’t have to compromise on speed, accuracy, and transparency. That’s because our patented AI technology provides you with shipping quotes and optimal routes in just seconds. This is further enhanced by our system’s ability to give you full transparency from point-to-point. You get to enjoy industry-leading dispatch times that are further enhanced with our best-in-class customer service.

Stay Connected With Airspace Ops Using Our Enhanced Texting Feature

A core mission at Airspace is to provide radical transparency for time-critical shipments. We’re committed to improving the overall customer experience and that means updates from pickup to delivery. To streamline our customer communications even further, we’ve added enhanced texting capabilities between customers and our 24/7 operations team. 

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