Automating How Logistics Works in 2017

In today’s ever-changing world, time is money. This can be seen in your daily life and the business world. We’re moving to a more automated society, whether it be self-driving cars, self-checkout grocery shopping, or ordering from a computer screen at McDonalds. Examples of automation are becoming more and more prevalent. By implementing the latest technology and software, people are saving significant amounts of time, and are able to make important decisions quicker than ever before. This decreases chances for error, and in the end saves money.

You can even schedule doctor appointments, haircuts, and dinner at your favorite restaurant all via your computer or phone in 2017. Not only is this extremely convenient, but you also gain the ability to get real time information right at your fingertips. Doctor offices and hair salons, like many other businesses, now give you real time information. They can provide appointment availability, current wait time , who is available to service you, and many other pieces of information via text or email.

All of this information helps you make super fast decisions that you never had the ability to make just 10 years ago. It also brings a supreme level of convenience not having to pick up the phone, ask questions, waste time, and then have to go through the process of booking your appointment. You now have full access to all the information needed to make your decision and then book an appointment with a click or two — ll from the convenience of...wherever you want!

How is this kind of cutting-edge technology being used for mundane daily tasks and not being utilized for some of the most time-sensitive shipments? Believe it or not, in most cases people have to call a call center, hope they connect with someone live right away, have a human try and decipher the fastest driving route and flight to put the package on, and then have the customer service rep quote/book the shipment. This is extremely hard to do, with tons of opportunity for error. Plus, the process is tedious and exhausting for the shipper. . Take into account all the other variables: weather, traffic, accidents, flight cancellations, and many other real time factors that humans have no control over. The task is nearly impossible.

By utilizing software and API’s, you are able to take the human element out of this process. You automate it and gain control over variables that made you lose sleep in the past. You save significant amounts of time and make smarter,  calculated decisions.

Software also gives you access to the real time information mentioned above. For instance, you can discover which driver is closest to your shipment,  estimated time of arrival,driver pick up/drop off times, optimal flight and driving routes, pricing, and of course package location. Imagine tracking your most critical packages like you are able to track your Uber driver? We all know how important it is to be able to track the guy picking you up at a cold airport at midnight. Imagine being able to do this with your organization's most important shipments?

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