Breaking Down the Different Types of Shipping

There are a plethora of shipping or routing options available to deliver goods. The delivery type can be broken down on two axises: cost and time.

Goods that need to be delivered fast, such as  time critical deliveries, perishables, or medical devices will cost more to ship, but will be delivered faster and often have a heightened level of visibility surrounding that order.

On the other hand, shipments that don’t have a limited time frame can be shipped on the lower cost scale due to shipping infrastructures in place like FedEx, UPS or USPS.

Airspace Technologies focuses on the shipment of goods that require not only a fast delivery but a secure, transparent delivery process. These shipments are considered time critical deliveries and require packages to be routed, delivered and tracked as soon as possible.

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Breaking Down The Services Used In Time Critical Deliveries

Next Flight Out

Next Flight Out (NFO) is the absolute fastest way to ship from one point to the next. NFO specialists optimize routing based around what flights are departing and arriving in certain areas. This service adds additional steps in the delivery process such as tendering the package to an airline and recovering the package at the destination airport. Also, shipments that include flights must meet TSA regulations.


Hotshot is a dedicated express delivery. A hotshot drive is one of the most secure ways to transport goods because the package is being picked up and delivered by the same delivery driver, and it is a dedicated route. Using software, tech-enabled time critical logistics companies can use software platforms to provide routing options based off of customer preferences including package weight, dimensions, regulations or certifications. Hotshot services are a great way to ship hazardous materials, secure packages, or when weather related issues can occur.

Hand Carry

Hand Carry offers the highest level of security when delivering packages over large distances. A hand carry is when a dedicated driver picks up the package delivers it to the airport, but instead of tendering the package to the airline, they fly with the package (as their carry on). This is means, the package is dedicated to be loaded on the plane.This guarantees the safest and fastest arrival of your time critical shipments.


When a large package needs to be delivered using a plane, chartering a plane is always an option. Chartering a plane is when a private plane is acquired to guarantee the shipment will be delivered on time. There are many reasons why Chartering a plane is the best option for your shipment: saves time, guarantees delivery, more convenient and it is private.

Dangerous Goods

While Dangerous Goods is not a method of shipping, it often creates or limits shipping options available. Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials includes contents that may endanger the safety of an aircraft, vehicle, and/or people. At Airspace Technologies, we take Dangerous Goods very seriously. During the ordering process, we provide a selection of different commodity types to verify your shipment will not have any issues. This ensures that or software application appropriately route the order with the highest safety precautions.

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