Can You Track Your Package on Your Mobile Device

According to statistics, 70% of all mobile users spend up to 86% of their time on their mobile phones. If you are one of these people, then you need to know where your packages are at all times. Mobile phones are a great asset for both business owners and individuals.

Shipping may be frustrating and costly when you are waiting for a product that does not arrive on time. Constantly emailing and calling your carrier is usually your first thought, but there are better ways to get information on your product.

For time critical shipments, it is essential that you know where your products are and when they are likely to arrive. It helps you plan and prepare patients. In some industries, timely deliveries could end up saving lives.

To avoid delays, you need to communicate with the carrier you choose. With communication becoming so important, why haven’t most carriers in the industry created systems that adds visibility to their shipments in real-time?


Carriers such as Airspace Technologies have created systems that offer complete visibility to the package at all times. Tech-enabled time critical providers understand that adding technology to this antiquated process to offer visibility also creates a peace of mind for customers.

With special software installed on the couriers phone, time critical providers can track the movements of each package, where packages change hands, and offer POD information instantaneously. This information is easily passed through the system to notify the shipper.

You therefore get to see exactly what your carrier sees. Tracking your goods becomes easier and more convenient.

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