Case Study: How To Deliver A Windshield

We all know how frustrating airports and air transportation can be especially when there are delays involved. It is enough of a hassle to get through the airport and onto your airplane, but no one wants to see their airplane be delayed or grounded once they are on it. On average, it costs $150,000 every hour an airplane is grounded. This makes it imperative for airlines to get the parts needed for repairs as soon as humanly possible.

One of our aviation partners ran into an extremely time-critical situation where a windshield broke and was unable to be repaired. They had to scramble to try and find the correct windshield to replace the broken one and unfortunately did not have any on site.

None of their OEM partners had the part, and it was now after hours at a lot of these locations making the situation even more difficult. With hopes dwindling and stress levels very high, our customer finally found the windshield needed in Texas.

This was a huge win for them but by now precious hours and tens of thousands of dollars had been wasted. They needed someone they could trust to make sure no more time or money was wasted. We immediately got the call from our customer and our team went right to work at doing what they do best.

Transportation Options

Hot Shot:

Have a driver pick the package up immediately and drive it from Texas to New York. While this option is popular for customers that have extremely urgent deliveries, this distance was too far to make this the most efficient or cost effective option.

NFO (Next Flight Out):

Our software pulled 2 flights that left that night from Houston, TX and arrived at JFK in the middle of the night. This allowed the airline to have ample amount of time to install the new windshield before the morning when the plane needed to be back in the air.

One of the flights arrived during cargo closure which our software picked up. If our software did not pick this up it could have been detrimental as we would not have been able to recover the package once it arrived.

The software notified our team and the secondary flight became the most optimal route. With our technology and tracking, our customer’s maintenance team had the ability to track when the package would be arriving at their maintenance facility to ensure no time would be wasted.

The Airspace Solution

Once our partner found the necessary part, they immediately called into our AOG specialist team. With an average of 15 years industry experience and the best software in the industry, our AOG experts were able to find the optimal route for this package in minutes along with dispatching a driver by leveraging technology. With a piece the size of a windshield, it can be challenging to find a correct sized vehicle and have the necessary room on an airplane to fit the piece.

Knowing the dimensions of the cargo, the software dispatched the correct sized vehicle in minutes. Our driver arrived at the Texas location within 50 minutes of the order being placed by our customer which was imperative to ensure it made its flight.

Solution highlights:

-Multiple routing options were found in seconds

-Within 2 minutes the correct driver/vehicle was dispatched

-Windshield made it on connecting flight ensuring it could be delivered to customer over-night

-Live tracking and updates gave customer full visibility into when their package arrived

Watch How Airspace Technologies Adds Visibility To Time Critical Deliveries



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