Cloud Based Logistics

Cloud-based solutions are essential to getting the most value out of your operations. Supply chains grow increasingly complex as companies engage globally with customers and suppliers. Expansion may bring more growth, but it also creates challenges to logistics operations like controlling working capital, improving resource and asset utilization, and gaining better end-to-end visibility throughout the supply chain.

Cloud-based logistics solutions are game changers. They are actually helping companies identify, anticipate, and overcome challenges to achieve more cost savings.

Integrating cloud-based technologies into logistics makes it possible to digitally track a product throughout each stage of its lifecycle. This reduces the frequency of lost products, synchronizes shipment components, and updates current inventory records in near real-time.

Additionally, cloud-based technologies are universally accessible. This means that systems can be accessed from virtually any location, at any time. Everyone from drivers to account managers can log into the cloud to download relevant files. They will also have the ability to communicate the status of a shipment on any internet-enabled device.

Pricing elements within transportation and warehousing can fluctuate based on any number of different factors. These factors can include the weather, market conditions, or demand.

Cloud-based logistics also allow for real time pricing. Quickly understanding the price associated with every logistics element of your supply chain allows you to control your costs with ease. 

Because cloud systems are hosted externally, it is also easier for companies to grow without the pains of overhauling entire internal IT systems. Expanding a company’s cloud service can happen at the click of a button, and at a fraction of the cost. This is because cloud providers have the off-site computing power to easily accommodate increased bandwidth.




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