Customer Service in a Time-Critical World

Exploring the meaning of customer service

Here at Airspace Technologies, we spend a lot of time thinking about customer service. A lot. But keeping it front and center in our minds isn’t enough. Besides thinking, we do. We train, we provide feedback, we go over multiple scenarios and we continually think of the Golden Rule, putting ourselves in the place of our customers. What would they want? How would they want to be treated? 

Regarding the doing part – the part that involves taking action rather than passively hoping our customer service is the best – our training is critical. Here at Airspace, everybody who interacts with customers takes Dale Carnegie classes. They take a full 12 hours on top of a 3-week Airspace training course designed to develop individuals.

The intent is to help them realize their potential and to put in place people and procedures to make sure our customers are happy. Our customers usually are, because we’re very good at what we do. But if they aren’t happy, our people are trained to turn a negative into a positive. It isn’t about following a script. We’ve all heard that infuriating “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” speech from a customer service rep, which usually means, “Hey look, there’s nothing I can do.” Here at Airspace, there’s always something we can do, because we’re trained and we’re resourceful and we have the full backing of everybody, from the top down, to make it right.

Customer service extends to our technology as well

Our technology provides transparent and instant communications, streamlined supply chains and proactive identification of issues so they can be fixed before they affect our customers. Our technology was built from the ground up because everything that was previously available couldn’t do the job. Phone calls to arrange shipping? No, that’s not good customer service. Good customer service in our business is about automation – conducting business at the speed of light.

By utilizing our outstanding customer service team and our technology that allows us to work off of proactive info and not reactive delays, our excellent service is ensured.



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