Customer Success AKA the Jack of All Trades

What is Customer Success?

Customer Success (CS) is exactly how it sounds. The goal of the CS team is to figure out the best possible ways to make Airspace's customers as successful as possible. A lot of individuals communicating with Airspace are not familiar with logistics as an industry, they are nurses, organ procurement coordinators, or aircraft technicians. The logistics procedures of their company aren't at the forefront of their minds. The CS team helps them get the most impact out of working with Airspace while exerting the minimum amount of effort.

How to develop a world-class Customer Success team

When I transitioned into Airspace, I came from an antiquated company that didn't utilize anywhere near the same scope of technology as Airspace. Here, we are implementing customers with technology, not onboarding them into a service. Through our technology, we take those pain points and configure them into our platform eliminating those pain points naturally.

In my experience, the most important part of growing out a successful CS team has been creating the ideal customer path. The whole CS team needs to know enough about the processes of Airspace as a whole to guide the customer in the proper direction to mitigate their pain points. We must know how sales, operations, finance, and more work to make sure that the customer is satisfied at every point. The best way to do so is to create a customer journey first, and then guide the customers through it in a seamless and impactful way. Through this, there is no longer the tedious phone chain logistics is known for. CS is the main touchpoint, therefore the time wasted trying to contact each department is eliminated. 

The hiring process

Previously when growing out the CS Team, most of them started at Airspace in a different department. Therefore, each member has an understanding of almost every department. This last round we took a different approach. We hired 3 people from outside of Airspace and with no previous background in logistics. We chose them based on their abilities to engage with customers, organizational skills to keep people on task, and the confidence to own their relationships. 

How are the customers benefiting from the Customer Success team every day?

Customer success has inserted ourselves as an Airspace subject matter expert. We provide solutions in the customer's best interest because we aren't motivated by a sale or a cost. The CS team puts different solutions in place that make sure the customer is put first and happy in every single situation. The major differentiator between a CS member and an account manager is solving problems customers don't even know they have. After Airspace releases something, CS can go directly to the client and recommend this new offering to fix an ongoing issue.

In Customer Success, we are not here to take over the relationships that sales have nurtured. Our goal is to help fortify those relationships and create a better environment for the customer. You are always in good hands with the Airspace Customer Success team.



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