Deep Dive: How Does Time-Critical Shipping Work in Healthcare?

When it comes to shipping and delivering time-critical packages, it’s important to understand the urgency of what exactly is being shipped. Each package differs depending on the industry and all are equally important, but what exactly is being shipped when it comes to the time-critical healthcare industry? The healthcare industry is unique in the fact that stakeholders drive the need for this service more so than the product itself. The time-critical packages that are shipped range from organs for transplant, medical devices, specimen samples, and MRI and CT scanners – and all have the ability to save someone’s life. Here, we dive into the key differentiators of time-critical shipping within the healthcare industry and what healthcare professionals should look for when choosing a time-critical logistics provider.

Saving Lives One Time-Critical Shipment at a Time

Airspace handles time-critical shipments for a variety of industries outside of healthcare. And while other industries such as aerospace and manufacturing have time-sensitive shipments as well, the importance of the shipment arriving in an expedited manner tends to have to do with the cost of having a service or machine down. If a plane can't take off due to a maintenance issue or a piece of equipment goes down in an assembly line, it costs the company tens of thousands of dollars an hour. But for healthcare, if cord blood doesn’t get stored correctly, a medical device doesn’t make it to surgery on time, or a kidney is not viable for transplant, people’s lives are at stake. These time-critical shipments have the potential to be unusable and are irreplaceable. In a nation where nearly 113,000 people are awaiting an organ transplant, scores of organs are discarded if they don’t arrive at their destination in time. 

Servicing the healthcare industry is extremely important because it impacts the lives of those receiving these time-critical shipments. There are also other goods in healthcare that must be maintained at certain temperatures, which drive the need for time-critical shipping services to ensure an organ or specimen remains viable and is stored properly. 

What Makes a Strong Logistics Provider?

Due to the critical nature of what our customers are shipping, a specialty courier service is imperative. There are many companies available that provide good quality shipping services, but they also focus on a wide variety or range of services that may not directly impact these critical shipments. The attention to detail and focus is not as acute as would be for a specialty logistics and courier service such as Airspace.

Some key characteristics healthcare companies should consider when selecting a logistics service provider include:


  • True dedication to their purpose
  • Understanding the patient’s needs versus just the supply chain
  • Real-time visibility and transparency
  • Continuous innovation to improve the shipping experience
  • Superior customer support

At the end of the day, it’s about the patients who need these critical shipments to extend their lives or receive important diagnoses. The entire supply chain from order creation to fulfillment should revolve around the patient’s needs and the company’s ability to deliver these time-critical shipments efficiently, without fail.

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