Diversifying The Semiconductor Industry In 2017

“Global semiconductor revenue is projected to grow 7% this year, driven by chip inventory replenishment and increased average selling prices.” Market research firm Gartner Inc.

Industry experts are forecasting a brighter year of growth with acquisitions in the semiconductor market finally slowing (besides the open option of Toshiba’s semiconductor sector).

With chip technologies plateauing from smart phone and digital accessories, organizations are looking to diversify their circuit board manufacturing to be adaptable for the IOT wave surging in the industrial and automotive industries.

Gartner projects semiconductor sales to increase by $24 Billion from 2016. Manufactures are preparing for the new wave of application-specific standards, where time-to-market customization will be vital to compete in today's consumer driven markets.

With these positive trends, Intel has taken notice and has committed to building its new $7 Billion fabrication facility in Arizona. This move creates 3,000+ new jobs for the tech market, in an industry that shows no sign of slowing down.

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