Do You Know Who’s Picking Up Your Package?

Lost or undelivered packages are common problems facing the courier industry. Knowing who is picking up your package can help reduce these problems and enhance service delivery. Though cost is a factor to consider, there are other considerations when selecting your courier company. Statistics have shown that some missing packages are due to ignorance of the shipping companies that do not invest in delivery solution software. If you wish to reduce the chances of your shipments getting lost, here is how to know who picks up your shipments.

Track Your Packages

Most courier companies have taken a step ahead by automating their services to give visibility of shipments to their customers. To ensure that you get all the updates on your order, your courier software should allow you to communicate well with your clients. If you have to use shipping apps, they must be mobile friendly to enable your customers to receive updates directly to their phones or system.

Speed is vital in the courier industry and tracking your packages will allow you to meet your customer delivery expectations. To ensure that you get real-time updates of all the packages, synchronizing your website with your company supply chain management software for critical shipments and standard deliveries is highly recommended. This saves time and keeps track of all your packages.

Customer do not want to spend the whole day at home or in their workplace simply because they have a same day delivery package scheduled. Communicating with your company in advance will give you an accurate idea of when the package will be delivered. You can track the progress through an app or on the computer. In case you miss your package and your shipping company claims to have delivered it, you can track back any missing shipments using the delivery codes they send to your phone. Undelivered packages could also be due to detached labels or wrong addresses.

If your courier company sends the package code to you and their system does not allow you to keep track of your shipments, 3PL can help. 3PL supply chain management systems use GPS tracking that sends updates to your system on the location of your shipment by use of your package codes.

Knowing who is collecting your package is imperative and helps reduce cases of lost shipments. If you have been a victim of missing shipments, it might have been your fault for selecting a company which does not give tracking services. However, keeping track of your parcel next time you place an order will help you know who is picking them.



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