Stay Connected With Airspace Ops Using Our Enhanced Texting Feature

A core mission at Airspace is to provide radical transparency for time-critical shipments. We’re committed to improving the overall customer experience and that means updates from pickup to delivery. To streamline our customer communications even further, we’ve added enhanced texting capabilities between customers and our 24/7 operations team. 

What does this mean? Airspace Texting 1

Customers can now quickly and efficiently communicate with our operations team about active orders. Both customers and drivers can be in contact with Airspace operations specialists via text–anytime, anywhere. 

Get Started Today 

Simply text the order number to 1-855-524-7772 to get real-time updates on delivery times, shipment location, and more. There must be a live order number to initiate the text conversation. 

Please note: Airspace Operations won’t be able to initiate texts with you, but we’re always available should you need to reach us about an order. We’re also unable to re-open completed and closed conversations so keep this in mind. 

How does this benefit customers? 

We wanted to offer customers another option to get instant information about an active shipment. Enhanced texting functionality is the answer. Not only does this minimize the wait time for customers who need to call in, but it also minimizes the wait time for those communicating over text. Overall shorter wait times allow our team members to provide you with quicker updates and faster solutions. 

Can Operations send or receive images?

No, photos are not currently supported by our Enhanced Texting Capabilities. 

“When it comes to managing your time-critical shipments, there’s no room for guesswork”, says Chief Operating Officer Ben Kozy. “Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that they'll arrive safe and on time. We do this by providing real-time updates and communication to promote radical transparency.”

You play an important role in the customer experience at Airspace and this new feature is a direct result of valuable feedback from you. We’re always open to any ideas or suggestions you may have that will make your job easier and more efficient. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at



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