Geo-fencing: How did we ever ship without it?

Don't (geo)fence me in… but my shipments? That's another story.

In a way, Airspace Technologies is similar to the worried parent who wants to know where their teenager is at all times. The difference is that kids are smart enough to short-circuit anything we do to try to track them. In shipping, there is no fooling geofencing.

In essence, geofencing means using technology to set up a digital perimeter or boundary. For example, while in transit, you can get a notification when the shipment first arrives at the airport and leaves the airport. You can even get notified when the parcel is ten miles away, five miles away, and one mile away from its final destination. Through 16,000 touch-points, Airspace is able to notify you when your shipment crosses those digital barriers. We set those boundaries specific to when you want to be notified.

It takes more than geofencing alone -- Airspace does much more than Geo-fencing alone

Any logistics and transportation company that wants to take advantage of geofencing needs the ability to automatically relay information in real-time to any device. Geofencing removes people from the notification process by streaming the data onto the cloud. There will no longer be the dreaded chain of phone calls that leads to the updates eventually working their way back to the customer significantly later. This eliminates all of that excess time spent on the phone, meaning your shipment gets where it needs to go in less time.

A core Airspace differentiator

Where most competitors rely on lagging indicators, ours are focused on providing real-time and forward-looking predictive information. By doing so, doctors know precisely when to prep the patient for surgery and when to administer anesthesia. Also, the computer chip fabrication factory knows when to have those expensive techs on hand to install the spare part. After all, when an MRI machine needs fixing, you are usually dispatching two things that should get there at the same time: a tech and a piece.

Airspace provides these any-device, real-time leading indicators, which is ridiculously hard from a technology standpoint. You cannot do it with off-the-shelf technology. We know this because we have watched multiple competitors try and fail. The only way we could see to do it right was to build our proprietary technology, so that is precisely what we did. It was challenging and expensive, but that is what customers needed, so we got it done. And they love it.

That made it all worthwhile.

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