How To Get The Most Out Of Your Airspace Experience

Time-critical shipping is different from shipping any other way. The growing demand for faster and more transparent time-critical shipping cannot be met with outdated, traditional methods. With Airspace, you won’t have to compromise on speed, accuracy, and transparency. That’s because our patented AI technology provides you with shipping quotes and optimal routes in just seconds. This is further enhanced by our system’s ability to give you full transparency from point-to-point. You get to enjoy industry-leading dispatch times that are further enhanced with our best-in-class customer service.

If you have an Airspace customer account–good news– you’re ready to send your first shipment. If you don’t already have an account, learn how to create one here. Today, we’ll walk you through what you can expect for the industry leader in time-critical shipping.

You’re Ready To Ship

Because time-critical shipping with Airspace is a completely personalized shipping experience, you have already been onboarded. The exact needs of your business have been identified, rates have been agreed upon, and you are in the hands of our world-class customer success team. We’re dedicated to ensuring your shipment arrives on time (if not early) and that any potential delays have been identified and planned for. Now, let’s place that order.

Quick Quotes and Confirmation Feinblatt_20210308_1215_EDITED

There are a few ways to start an order:

  • Online
  • By Email
  • By Phone

The online platform shows you all of your options after entering your shipping information. Our new Routes page allows you to filter for specific airlines, departure airports and more. This page just got a major refresh to show you more potential options than ever before. You’ll get to enjoy the ease and efficiency throughout the order-placing process.  

Industry-Leading Service

Once your order is confirmed, our 24/7 operations team has their eyes on it from pick-up to final delivery. Our proprietary router automatically considers traffic and weather conditions, but unexpected delays do happen. Rest assured our technology monitors and alerts for these delays using as many as 16,000 touch-points. Along the way, our system automatically adjusts to keep your order on track. 

Should there be an issue without quoted delivery time or any other change to your order, our team will reach out to you directly. They work hard to always have a solution and you can rely on Airspace to have full visibility on the current status of your order at all times.

Structured Deployment Made Easy

We understand that your shipping needs are ever-changing. Whether you need new locations verified or need to ensure that your shipment is TSA compliant, our advanced onboarding process has you covered. With a team of qualified Customer Success managers on hand, we work tirelessly to make your Airspace experience as seamless as possible. And with an emphasis on transparency, we offer notifications along the way when any change is made.

Doing business with Airspace is different because we’re focused on service. We have laid the foundation to make sure your time-critical needs are exceeded every time. And with industry-leading customer satisfaction, we have years of data to back it up.



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