How Automating Time Critical Shipping Saves Hours

Automating time critical shipping offers numerous benefits not only to the shipping companies but drivers and customers as well. These benefits can go a long way in saving you resources in terms of money, time, and operations. There are various ways automated systems can save you time and increase productivity. The following are areas that can be automated in time critical delivery, and how they can save a lot of time.

Electronic Package Documentation

Whenever time critical shipping platforms are automated, it means both shippers and their customers are not subjected to huge volumes of paperwork when processing the documentation for cargo. Once customers use the system, their information is stored so that the next time they want to ship, they do not have to repeat the same procedures.  As a result, even the people handling the shipping will not spend a lot of time going through every customer’s documents for reference.

Proof of Delivery

Today, there are efficient delivery solutions software like PODs which are able to track shipments, scan signatures at the point of delivery, and handle communication between shippers, drivers, and customers. By using this automation technique in your business, you will be able to significantly reduce distractions to drivers and wasted time between deliveries. By automating POD interactions, all communications between shippers and drivers can be channeled to the system. This offers drivers and other people responsible for making time critical delivery an ample time to meet customer deadlines.

Confirming Routing Options

Currently, the process to place an order is a tedious game of telephone that can take hours to complete. This process is started when a customer calls their time critical provider for a quote, ETA, and routing on a shipment. The provider then has to call potential drivers for their availability, pricing and estimate how long it will take for them to complete the job. Once this information is known, the provider can then look at what supporting flights are available per shipment and provide a rough quote and ETA to the customer. After this tedious process is completed, the customer officially place their order. By automating the process of finding drivers, optimizing potential routes, and scanning flight options, a tech-enabled time critical provider can present customers with real time quotes within seconds. The customer can place orders faster allowing them access to earlier flights or more flight options. By accessing earlier flight options, shipments can be delivered faster than before.


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