How Mobile Has Changed the Ways We Ship

It is a known fact that digital platforms play a crucial role in the customer shopping experience. According to a survey done by Google, over 80% of all shoppers do their shopping online. It is also a game-changing fact that more than 70% of the world’s population own phones.

People are constantly looking for great brands, better prices, and better, faster shipping services. With mobile phones and the Internet, customers feel more empowered. Today, mobile phones have greatly increased visibility and trackability for time critical shipments.

New Software

New technology such as mobile applications, connecting platforms through APIs, and Geo-Fencing capabilities has created new ways for shippers to stay informed of their shipments while in transit. A decade ago, shipping of sensitive, time critical shipments such as organs or tissues was more difficult to execute and close to impossible to track.

Faster Communication

In times like these where people are too busy to receive calls are read emails every minute, mobile phones allow people to communicate faster.

Emails are an inconvenience when fast communication is needed. For instance, if you are looking for same day organ shipping and delivery, sending emails may not work. With mobile phones, communication is as easy as calling the services provider and finding out if delivery is possible. When communication is easier, you can plan and organize faster.

Easy Tracking

Shipping can get frustrating if you are unaware of where your goods are. You need to have an estimated time when the goods will arrive. If you want control over the goods you have shipped, you need to have a simple method of tracking. If your goods are lost, you also need to be alerted of a delay so you can plan accordingly. Mobile phones have facilitated this by making it easier and faster to check where your goods are. Just look at Amazon, you can check your order status, see where your packages are, and get notified of when they are delivered through push notifications. If you can have this level of visibility on your Amazon packages, why shouldn’t you have this visibility on your time critical medical deliveries?

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