How the Right Courier Partner is Crucial to Medical Device Organizations

The surgery is scheduled for 9 am sharp. The patient was in a car accident only a couple of hours ago and requires surgery immediately. The surgeons are prepared, the family is in the waiting room praying that their loved one will be okay, and the medical device representative gets to work. With advancements in technology, specific medical devices now exist that save lives and repair bodies. The surgeons can focus on performing a successful surgery and not worry about the technology.

But how do the medical devices get to the surgeons in time?

Hospitals don't keep inventory, as that would be costly and take up too much space. The medical device reps can't keep inventory either, so in such a critical situation, where do the devices come from? Medical device organizations rely on their courier partners to facilitate the air or ground transportation of their devices, on an on-demand basis, nationwide, 24/7. Reps are stationed regionally, with assigned territories, so they know how far and how quickly they can arrive when there’s an urgent need.

For the patient, the medical rep contacts their courier partner to pick up the devices (maybe from a warehouse or the medical devices HQ), put it on a flight, and make sure it gets to that hospital with enough time to prepare for the surgery at 9 am.

Seems simple enough, right?

Not so much... Coordinating the logistical routing and precise delivery across the country - with uncontrollable variables like weather, traffic, flight delays, COVID, and more - getting the driver moving and having real-time information for the medical rep preparing for that surgery is absolutely necessary.

Now multiply this scenario by 100 medical reps and shipments, and you understand the logistical nightmare all medical device organizations deal with to ensure that surgeries are held on time and without delay. If any one courier cannot be on time, the medical rep would have to postpone the surgery with the surgeon. But the surgeon can't risk waiting with a patient-on-table, so they will choose a competitor's medical device, who just so happened to have inventory nearby and ready to use.

The risk is just too high for medical device organizations

That's why a partnership with a nationwide courier, with their own driver network, advanced technology for tools to share with the representatives in the field, and tools to route and be certain when their medical devices will arrive on time is crucial to the continued growth and profit of multi-billion dollar medical organizations. Their success hinges on the quality and consistency of their courier partner.

Airspace is a leading example in the medical device courier space

Airspace has a nationwide driver network that uses mobile technology for real-time GPS tracking, quotes with the best next flight out option (or drive option) in seconds, and an automatic dispatch system to get drivers on the road in under 2 minutes. Airspace drivers can be at the pickup point within 60 minutes on average nationwide.

Through the use of mobile technology, Airspace drivers can scan, take pictures, and automatically verify which kits/totes they are transporting, saving minutes at each leg of the transportation. All the information being put into their mobile application is also being streamlined back to the customer's platform for them to view in real-time so they know exactly where the drivers are and when they will arrive.

Being able to replicate this high-quality service at a national level, for each medical rep in their respective regions, can create predictability of service, whether they are in Atlanta, San Diego, New York, or Florida. Instead of using multiple regional companies that have hundreds of courier managers and various invoice, technology, and reporting systems, and different service level expectations, a primary courier partner can solve problems on a large scale and create processes that can be duplicated globally.

Does your courier use technology to keep key stakeholders included 100% of the time with full visibility into time-critical shipments? Can they get a driver moving in 2 minutes as soon as a medical device is needed for surgery? Can they replicate that on a global scale?

Contact Airspace to see how you can receive high-quality courier service that provides full visibility, speed, and care for your time-critical shipments.


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