How Time Critical Shipping Should Work

When every second matters, why does it take so long to place a shipment with NFO providers? Currently to place an order, you have to call your connection, tell them what you need to ship, where it needs to be and give any restrictions. Then you have to wait as they find what they feel is the best route, either based on price or time. Once your contact finds the route they feel is best optimized, you get a call/email to confirm this route, and you end up playing phone tag for 15-45 minutes trying to place this “time critical” shipment.

If you can request an Uber driver instantaneously for your drunken friend, why can’t you do the same for your time-sensitive shipment? A plane sitting on the ground can cost up to $150,000/hr. Saving every minute is critical. New NFO shipping software makes this possible. Through the use of new technology, NFO software allows shippers the ability to schedule shipments instantaneously.

In 2017, your process to schedule a time-critical shipment should be the following:

  1. Provide the pickup and destination location, the package details and any special request

  2. Let the machine take over. New Logistic software obtains accurate quotes and routing options within seconds.

  3. Once your order has been placed, a driver should be dispatched within one minute to pick up your package.

This automatic process can reduce overall delivery time and save money.




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