How To Optimize 3PL Staffing Efficiencies

Sean works at XYZ Logistics as a business development representative. His role is to service a significant account for XYZ. Sean spends most of his working day focusing on this account. However, every time they have a time-definite request, the rest of Sean's day is spent tracking down service providers and relaying updates from one party to another hoping that everyone is telling the truth. This process leaves him with little or no time to improve his relationship with the customer or other accounts; thus, pigeonholing his progress at XYZ Logistics.

In a year or two, Sean will quit citing "limited growth" or "hostile work environment" as the cause of departure. When potentially, the more accurate reason is that he didn't have the correct resource available to enable him to supply real-time, data-driven information to all stakeholders automatically for expedited shipments.

What if he did? What if Sean had more time to grow relationships and accounts instead of being the phone operator, dispatcher, operations specialist, and customer service rep?

Time, listed continuously as the most valuable resource on earth for one reason: It is not replenishable. As part of the millennial generation, I've grown up with the knowledge that events are happening around me, and inundated with reminders of those events 24/7/365. In 2018, on top of time, we are continually battling a fragmented mind. While I write this, there is a conference call taking place behind me, co-workers having conversations around me, and emails blowing up my inbox. Meanwhile, I am blasting music into my noise-canceling headphones to focus for 10-60 minutes to write this.

That lasted 3 minutes.

With this internal reference, let us get back to Sean. He operates under statements such as "I am so busy" and "there's not enough time in the day." However, researchers argue that we are just bad at managing our time or focusing on the task at hand. A recent study from the Telegraph communicates that 30% of workers are distracted 3 hours a day (~38% of their work day). Fundamentally speaking, we need fewer distractions and to offer employees the opportunity to focus on singular tasks.

There is not a precise, quick, and easy method to keep Sean from getting distracted for more than a third of his work day, but there are ways to optimize his tasks and reduce repetitive actions.

Imagine being able to select what alerts stakeholders will automatically receive or be able to send a link that provides all the shipment's information including watching the shipment move on a map in real-time. What if you could also arm Sean with a tool that provides routing options and quotes for nationwide deliveries within seconds?

This is possible with the proprietary platform that Airspace Technologies has built. The representation below demonstrates the "status quo" that Sean recreates with each shipment compared to how Airspace streamlines the delivery process.

For Blog-1For Blog-2

The Airspace way is simple: we streamlined the transportation process because we understand failure is not an option. By adding technology to an antiquated industry, Airspace provides shippers or other forwarders direct access to trained, compliant drivers allowing a transparent marketplace for real-time, critical logistics.


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