How To Prepare For Shipping Delays

When looking back and thinking about the many years I have spent in logistics, one thing always stays constant: delays happen. Everyone in the industry knows that delays are inevitable, but how we react to those delays are crucial especially when mission-critical shipments are involved. While the cost of delays can typically be calculated through a monetary value, what about the shipments that are impacting lives or causing nationwide delays?

Time-critical shipments which must be delivered within hours or on a same-day basis, feel these challenges exponentially. These interruptions come in many forms:

  • Long order process
  • Inaccurate data
  • Delay in flights
  • Poor navigation
  • Poor traffic conditions
  • Or inclement weather


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In 2017, the Atlantic Hurricane season was one of the most active seasons in history with some of the strongest tropical storms. Resulting in major devastation and disruptions at airports, ports, and roads. Additionally, millions of people went without power and water, billions of dollars of crops were lost, and shipments were delayed massively.

The Federal Highway Administration reported that 70 percent of the nation’s roads are in snow and icy regions, as a result, weather delays are inevitable. Therefore, we must have policies and procedures in place to reduce the impact. As logistics providers, it’s imperative to be proactive rather than reactive.

Unlike some commodities, time-critical and time-sensitive shipments do not have much flexibility in delivery windows. A medical specimen cannot always be duplicated. A donor-recipient may not receive the necessary organ in time. The medical and healthcare community relies heavily on their logistic partners for communication and solutions. During the most challenging of circumstances, all stakeholders must remain informed. How can we prepare for daily encounters, as well as, significant obstacles and poor weather conditions? 

Airspace Technologies was created from a passion to improve upon legacy providers shipping methods. The following are some solutions that Airspace has incorporated in their shipping model to help with communication and reduce delays:

  • Operations Team stationed across the country operating off the same “live” proprietary software platform, 24/7/365 seamlessly managing orders.
  • Automated data analysis of fastest origin-to-destination routes, taking into consideration real-time traffic and weather conditions, closures and an estimated 25,000 daily domestic flights.
  • An internet accessible “live” visual map interface, displaying continuous shipment status updates.
  • Full transparency and visibility throughout the order process via the internet or mobile application.
  • Geofencing capabilities to provide shipment proximity-notifications to alert the waiting personnel.
  • Proactive milestone notifications, including exception alerts, to efficiently communicate any potential delays to an organization.
  • Automated proof of pick-up and proof of delivery system notifications.
  • Company employees and stakeholders operating and viewing information in real-time (no lag time).


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When operating in the mission-critical logistics space the operations team and all departments must manage every shipment with heightened responsibility. When obstacles arise as they can every day, an exceptional company would have implemented changes in advance to reduce errors or delays, manage for continuous change and remain in communication until the shipment has been delivered.



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