How to Reduce Time-Critical Failures

Reducing time-critical failures: It’s a mindset, a process and a lot of technology

In our industry, the phrase “time-critical service failure” means a lot. It may mean a kidney or pancreas becomes unviable. It may mean the results of an urgent blood sample become inaccurate. Or it might mean an airplane is grounded waiting for a part, costing the airline tens of thousands of dollars. 

It’s not like we are shipping a pair of socks that can get there days late. Our shipments matter so we go above and beyond to make sure delays don't occur.

How Airspace handles your time-critical shipments

It starts, logically enough, at the beginning. When we onboard a customer, we create a custom standard operation procedure (SOP) for that customer detailing everything about how they want their shipments handled. From there, our people are trained on that SOP so they get it right the first time and every time thereafter. This precision continues with each customer order. Whether the order is placed by an operations specialist over the phone or by a customer on our website, this is where we continue making sure everything is right and goes as quickly as possible. 

If it’s a web order, we’ve put in a lot of work making the interface as easy, fast, and thorough as possible. Creating a dynamic user experience that mirrors what the customers are looking for takes a lot of work but Airspace has gone above and beyond to make sure we have nailed it. If the client enters one wrong number on the ZIP code, our artificial intelligence tells them and helps them. For frequent deliver lanes, our system my populate the form automatically. If this isn’t the first order for the customer, our system may populate the form automatically. As a result, clients fill out of the forms more quickly and accurately. 

Placing orders into a web platform is only half the battle. Keeping the customer updated is just as important if not more.

Through it all, we are the only company that gives clients accurate pickup times, delivery times and flight information within milli-seconds – essentially real-time.

In other words, everything we do is extremely user-friendly, which is huge. We can capture the exact instructions everybody needs to follow and pass it along to our couriers to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. 

Reducing time-critical failures is all about giving our team the tools that they need before they occur. Then, if any issues do emerge – canceled flights, weather issues, etc. – our operations team (also highly trained and highly experienced) is prepared to handle them. They react quickly, rerouting shipments if needed and making sure the customer is up to date at all times. 

Communication is paramount, but it’s more than that. It’s technology, great people, great training and great processes.

Watch How Airspace Technologies Adds Visibility To Time Critical Deliveries



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