How To Transport Blood

Many people die in hospitals due to conditions that drain away their blood. Blood donation is, therefore, a lifesaving exercise that should be encouraged at all costs. It’s good to give when you have plenty. When you are in need, others could donate to you as well.

As the donor sees his or her blood draining into the plastic bag with preservatives, he would like to know how the blood will be transported to the blood bank and subsequently to the patient in need. While the mode of transportation is time critical, doubts remain since the donor has no idea of the final destination of the blood.

A crisis can occur if the blood is delivered to the wrong recipient or if it goes missing for some reason. Such human errors can be the reason why the donor sacrifices and donates blood but the patient does not benefit.

However, thanks to technology, time critical shipment can be made better. Real-time monitoring of the blood provides transparency and assurance to all parties involved.

The driver’s details are captured together with the person who signed the last shipment paper. After the vehicle carrying the blood gets on the road, the exact location after every move is recorded. Mobile phone applications have been developed to monitor the transit of such goods.

The tracking tools can be shared between many people with customized updates popping now and then just in time to get you well informed.

Airspace Technologies is a company that has specialized tech-enabled logistics. Transparency is the driving force for the company’s operations, and Airspace offers complete visibility to the package through tracking applications.




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