Human Touch in Technology Driven Logistics

The sweet rewards of human touch in a technology-driven world

Here at Airspace Technologies, we believe – and our results prove – that we are the most technology-forward company in the industry. As helpful as that is, it’s not the entire story. There’s another side we’ve also worked very hard to establish and enhance: the human side.

Artificial intelligence is great, and it helps us do a better job for our customers, but people and human relationships are also a huge part of our secret sauce. Where there is outstanding service, there are people. How we train our people, how we deal with our customers, and how we deal with everybody in the supply chain…it’s huge. There is no substitute for looking somebody in the eye, shaking their hand and letting them know how good a job they’re doing.

Whatever technology is being introduced, it is being implemented by a person or a team of people. What stays strong is the human component that is necessary to drive artificial intelligence. There will always be artificial intelligence.

Technology is important, but can it replace the human touch?

Cargo handlers are a great example. We like to show our appreciation for work they do under challenging circumstances, rain or shine. Sometimes they really help us out by giving extra care to our time-critical shipments. You’d be surprised how a little gesture – a sincere ‘thank you’ – can make a difference when every minute counts. For some reason, people tend to want to work more quickly when Airspace asks a favor. It’s no surprise that we’ve been able to eliminate downtime faster than any competitor that comes to mind.

Another example is our contacts at various airports and in airlines. As advanced as our technology has become, we still have good old fashion relationships with airlines and airline locations. Should something need attention, there is nothing more effective than placing a phone call to a friend that happens to work at the airline. After all, we really are all in this together.

No matter how technology focused the logistics industry gets, there will always be a need for human interaction. Even though logistics is still a fairly antiquated industry, Automation, machine learning, and all of the other technologies we utilize will continue to play a huge role in running efficiently, but the human touch will always be needed for the things that humans are the best at handling.  

Bottom line: We’ve built the best technology, and we’ve worked hard to be kind. The outcome has been fantastic if I do say so myself.


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