If Everything Is Automated Then How Can Something Go Wrong

Even if every single aspect of a shipment management system is automated for your NFO shipment, things can still go wrong.


Because human error will always be there. For example when a courier tenders a shipment to an airline, it touches a human’s hand. And that human can place this shipment in the right place, or the wrong place.

The only way to break this cycle is to remove human error. For those couriers who look at this and do not see any solution then this result is status quo. But for a courier who has forward thinking, then a solution must be viable.

Tracking the shipment using leading indicators is the answer. New technologies have made waves in tracking shipments and automating logistics. Tools like QR codes, GPS, RFID, and Geo-Tagging have all added unique ways to know where your package is at all times.

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What Happens When Shipments Go Missing

Behind the curtain of technology, there is a team of experts working to verify the success of the shipments. And, even with the best teams, no one has the capacity to control the shipment once the shipment is tendered to the airline.

At Airspace, our experts work with the airlines confirming the package has been verified onboard as soon as the flight takes off. Airlines have the ability to remove packages up till the cabin doors close and the plane takes off. By confirming our client’s shipments are onboard as soon as possible we can verify the shipment is either on track to be delivered, or in the small chance a shipment is not verified onboard, we can recover the shipment and re-tender it to the next available flight.

If the shipment is deemed missing, the operations team works hand-in-hand with both assigned drivers and the airlines to backtrack where the shipment could be. The airlines will conduct Airport sweeps starting with the Airports where the shipment originated and was set to arrive. If the shipment is not found, the search range is gradually expanded until it’s found.

This manual process is one of the biggest bottlenecks for automating time critical shipments and the main culprit why blackbox shipping is still an issue.



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