If You Could Integrate Your System with Your Shipper, Would You?

There are millions of eCommerce businesses in operation, which makes it safe to say that competition can be fierce and unforgiving. Most online shoppers look for great offers, bargains and value when they visit a store. Of course, online sales are usually dictated by a lot more than that as most shoppers worry about shipping and logistics until their products get to them. The cost of shipping can easily be a factor in their decision.

While you worry about offering your customers great service, you also need to worry about having a shipping system that allows you to access affordable shipping rates and effective time critical shipping. You need to integrate such a system into your store because it will not only help you attract new customers, but also help you retain old ones and offer great delivery solutions.

Shipping integration does not have to be difficult as long as you have the right logistics software. The real benefit lies in the system software’s ability to integrate with your ERP system. With an integrated system, you will have numerous positive effects on your company. With the right system and the right interface integrated into your system, you will experience low cost and shipments that arrive on time, every time. Your company will also benefit from better customer services, an improved brand value, and enhanced revenue. Below are some of the major benefits you will get if you integrate your system with your shipper.


  1. Fewer errors- There will be minimal to no mistakes by the shipping department, reducing human error.

  2. Increased savings- There will be minimal or no duplicate data entries, creating labor savings and increased accuracy.

  3. Managed growth- Your company will grow because you will no longer need to add shipping personnel, space, and equipment.

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