Improving the Shipping Process for Time-Critical Human Organs

Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) understand the devastating consequences that come with a delayed or failed time-critical organ for transplant delivery. Lives are at stake and a seemingly simple 30-minute delay could be the difference between a successful life-saving surgery or the loss of a life. The industry norm of time-critical shipments lacking transparency, visibility, and speed has become widely accepted for many companies – but this cannot continue to be a reality.

Currently, one in three time-critical shipments is delayed and lives are lost due to avoidable logistics issues. When it comes to shipping organs for transplant, time is crucial, and having a logistics provider who understands the severity of each shipment is important.

The Problem with Industry Standards

In today’s antiquated time-critical shipping industry, the manual process of dispatching a driver takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. Plus, the time it takes a driver to arrive on-site to pick up a package averages 60 to 90 minutes – and that doesn’t even include delivery time. In addition, the all-too-frequent game of phone tag is not suitable for such important, life-saving shipments. 

Organ supply can’t keep up with the demand for transplants. Nearly 113,000 people are waiting for transplants and scores of organs are discarded after not arriving at their destination in time. This is a devastating waste that patients and OPOs cannot afford when lives are on the line – all due to easily solvable shipment failures. Common causes of shipment failures include:

  • Misrouted packages
  • Delays that aren’t communicated in time
  • Inaccurate quotes and pricing
  • Drivers arriving outside of the quoted delivery time (QDT)

The Big Question

How do we solve this problem? Automate the shipping process to provide real-time updates, open communication, and ultimate transparency. 

In our recent OPO healthcare webinar, industry experts Ryan Rusnak, Airspace CTO and Co-Founder, and Casey Connolly, Airspace Sector VP of Healthcare, discuss how Airspace’s industry-first technology optimizes time-critical medical deliveries to efficiently ship these precious packages. Learn more about technology’s role in expediting these time-critical shipments to save more lives. See what Airspace can do for you and view our on-demand webinar today!



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