Logistics Companies on the Frontlines

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world and has managed to successfully revolutionize the direct-to-consumer shipping process. During the COVID-19 crisis, Amazon and other logistics companies are doing a lot to support those on the frontline and supply individuals with essentials. As Amazon focuses on delivering e-commerce and essential materials, Airspace is also supporting crucial businesses through mission-critical shipments.

Amazon's Efforts in COVID-19

E-commerce has clearly exploded during this time of quarantine. Because of this, Amazon's business has skyrocketed. However, Amazon has put its outside delivery program on hold. The company is focusing its delivery resources to cope with the surge in demand as the COVID-19 pandemic keeps people indoors. They are prioritizing the deliveries of essential items and focusing on the products/services customers need most at this time. As Amazon focuses on delivering e-commerce and essential materials, Airspace is also supporting crucial businesses through executing mission-critical shipments

Airspace's Fight Against the Coronavirus

Airspace is assisting a variety of companies with their efforts. For example, Airspace will be transporting face masks made by Hedley & Bennett, who converted their factories from making luxury aprons. Also, Airspace is supporting the diagnostics companies on the cutting edge of COVID antibody research through delivering Coronavirus testing kits to individuals. These kits require rapid delivery and extreme visibility so it is a no brainer that Airspace is the preferred logistics provider for the job. Airspace's goal is to become the most trusted delivery network in the world, and during this time, doing our part through this health crisis is a big step to getting there.

Airspace Commanders on the Frontlines

Airspace Commanders are essential to the time-critical support Airspace provides. They remain on the frontlines and continue to serve their communities. Airspace Commander Bryan Sperry said it best when he described his experience getting a broken down COVID-19 air ambulance off the ground within hours. 


 I’m all but retired. Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, I find myself on the frontline. When word came of an urgent delivery to Stanford University Hospital in the late afternoon, I left my wife and two children at home to do what I could in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Airspace Commanders are flexible, and selfless; risking their own safety to ensure your lifesaving shipments get to you as fast as humanly possible. 

How Can Other Companies Support in the COVID Crisis?

Be flexible and intentional. Every company that is going out of their way to help out in this time is changing how they operate, where they are operating, or changing who their target market is. Below are a few examples:


  • Keeping things consistent: Though Airspace has transitioned our workload to better support the changing conditions of our customers and the market, rates will not be increased or have an up-charge. Additionally, employees  were transitioned to a safer at-home model without having any operational hiccups. 
  • Transparency and communication: Through the use of Airspace's platform or mobile application, you can get critical information in real-time, on your laptop, your desktop, your phone, your handheld device. Also, Airspace is integrated with the airlines, meaning that Airspace has up to the minute routing instruction in real-time! There is no guessing if a flight or route has been changed; you know right when it happens.
  • Non-standard Support: No one can determine in advance when emergencies will occur or outbreaks will happen, placing an order and having it delivered within hours is critical. By automating logistics processes, healthcare facilities can manage the increased workload from a cloud-based platform for time-critical shipments. 


In the end, companies are doing an amazing job, going out of their way to help out during this ever changing time. Putting the wellbeing of people in front of making a profit is amazing. It is wonderful to see companies transforming for the greater good in this time of need.


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