Lost Shipment? We Can Help

What really happens if your shipment is lost at the airport

At Airlines, there is no black hole. Unlike the socks that may be hiding behind your dryer, shipments turn up, often quicker than you would expect – especially if you have a team like Airspace Technologies doing the looking.

Maybe the package was mishandled or put on the wrong flight. It might have even missed its connecting flight. Packages can be damaged, sometimes beyond recognition by, for example, a leak from another parcel. Maybe the packaged was opened for inspection and not properly put back together. Or it could've have simply just missed a lockout time.

It’s important to know that there are many procedures and technical backstops to make sure nothing bad happens at the airport, but if there is a problem there are ways to handle it.


What can a shipper do?
  1. Communication is key: We are all human and mistakes can occur. No matter the reason behind the lost shipment, the number priority for your forwarder, and the airline, should be recovering the lost cargo while keeping your team in direct communication.
  2. Ship with a reliable forwarder: 3PLs and forwarders often have stronger relationships with the airlines and have standard operating procedures regarding lost or damaged shipments to expedite the recovery process.
How Airspace is different?
  1. Airspace lowers the chance for lost shipments: traditionally, A shipment is often handled by multiple individuals with no form of direct communication. The Airspace Platform allows all individuals to communicate effectively and reduce human error from occurring.
  2. Strong Relationships: In an instance where a shipment cannot be located, Airspace has nurtured strong relationships across every airline and has a standard operating procedure in place to locate and return the shipment asap. Often, this is accomplished by backtracking to the last known location and performing airline wide sweeps across multiple airports until the shipment is located.
  3. Technology is key: Our software additionally helps ensure that labels and tracking instructions are filled out accurately because these are areas that can get a package into trouble. For example, the Airspace Platform generates a pre-filled Air Waybill for every shipment to help prevent it being loaded onto the wrong flight. Our artificial intelligence systems check to make sure all addresses are correct and ensures a courier can tender the shipment before the flight's lockout time to reduce delays. If there appears to be a problem, we flag it instantly.
If something does get lost at the airport, rest easy. Airspace will be on the case.
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